Thank you for your interest in Honor & Integrity Home Inspections. This page is dedicated to you, the real estate professional. The purpose is to provide you with concise, yet detailed information about why so many Colorado buyers and agents choose and trust H&I Home Inspections.

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The Basics

Honor & Integrity

Established in February of 2014, H&I stands for Honor and Integrity.  These are the core values of my business.  I take pride in and enjoy what I do. Working with first-time home owners and new agents is one of my favorite parts of my “job”.  This business is as much about relationship-building as inspecting homes. For me, that includes customers every bit as much as real estate professionals.  I would certainly look forward to working with you and would also be grateful for the opportunity to serve any of your current or future client’s home inspection needs.

Customer service FIRST!

I will never forget that my customer is also your client.  I am a CUSTOMER SERVICE FIRST home inspector.  Taking care of your client is my priority.  Every customer is treated with the highest level of professionalism.  I typically spend 10-15 minutes on the phone with every customer prior to the inspection to “walk through” the home inspection process and answer any questions your client may have.

Thornton-based with an extensive service area

My service area covers Ft. Collins to Castle Rock, Idaho Springs to Strasburg and beyond.

One call. One payment.

I perform the home inspection. I test for radon. I schedule the sewer inspection. Your client simply makes one payment for everything. Radon testing and sewer scopes are recommended for all inspections with a few exceptions.

The Inspection

I take my time

I schedule a maximum of two inspections per day to give your client’s new home the time and attention that is required.  My typical home inspection is 3.5-4.5 hours.  Sixty or ninety-minute inspections?  Never.  Ask yourself, if your current home inspector is scheduling three and even four inspections per day, is your client really getting the thorough home inspection he/she deserves?  At what point is that inspector more concerned about making his next appointment over finishing the one he is currently on?

I’m thorough

I inspect every receptacle and every window that is readily accessible, not just the minimum “representative number” as stated in typical standards of practice for a home inspection.  I crawl the crawlspace, walk the attic and walk the roof (when readily accessible).  Townhome inspections always include inspection of the exterior and roof (if possible). It is my belief that a buyer should be made aware of all adverse conditions, regardless of whether they fall under the HOA’s responsibility or not.

Perspective, not alarmism

As you know, a 15-minute walk-through at a scheduled showing or an open house can lose its luster quickly during a home inspection. I believe it’s important to convey to every customer what is typical, what is atypical, and that all homes have some adverse conditions and deferred maintenance items. Equally important is the reassurance that virtually everything can be fixed!  This knowledge empowers the buyer to make an informed, educated decision when purchasing a home. 

Attendance encouraged, but not required

I will always encourage your client to attend at least a portion of the inspection as I believe this is valuable time to get to know the home better with guidance from and “through the eyes” of their home inspector.  I offer advice where it is appropriate.  If you have an out of town buyer or your client can’t make the inspection due to work obligations, it’s no problem.  Inspection reports are very detailed, with lots of photographs.  I also encourage follow up questions from both you and your client and I promise to be available to answer these questions, even if it is weeks or months after the inspection.

The Report – View Sample Here

Secure, online dashboard

Easily access all reports, invoices, and contracts in the same place from any device.  Reports are available as a user-friendly, interactive HTML online document.  They can also easily be converted to a PDF and printed, or securely forwarded to any third party.

Clear, concise reports

Typically 30-35 pages. I have no interest in wasting your client’s time with fluff and an inventory list of the style of cabinets, types of window coverings and other unnecessary filler just to make the report longer.  Your client doesn’t want to read a 70-100 page report and my guess is, you don’t either.

24-hour turnaround

Reports are available within 24 hours and often the same evening. 

High-resolution photographs and video.

Close-up pics and proximity pics are included for most inspection items. Pics and video can both be expanded to view detail.

Create a separate repair/request list directly from the report

This is a favorite feature of many real estate professionals. No more copying and pasting into a Word document for your inspection objection.  The new list, which both client and agent can create and edit, pulls language and pictures (if desired) to a consolidated repair list which can easily be converted to a PDF to use as an addendum to the inspection objection.  Another popular use is as an email attachment to send to service professionals for repair estimates.


A convenient glossary is included with every inspection report.  The glossary includes frequently-used, pre-defined terms which are found throughout the report.  These terms are easily identified within the report as they are ALL CAPS AND BOLD.


Home Inspections

Full home inspections, Pre-listing inspections, New-builds, 11-month warranty inspections. Pricing is based on finished square feet.

Radon Testing

Radon testing is recommended for all home inspections with very few exceptions.  Company-owned short-term, electronic radon testing monitors allow for results in as little as 48 hours (minimum testing period for real estate transactions per the EPA).  All equipment is approved by the EPA with annual calibration certificates available upon request.  The radon average is texted to you immediately when the monitor is picked up.  The report is later uploaded directly to your online dashboard.

Sewer Scope

A sewer mainline camera inspection is recommended for all home inspections with very few exceptions. Sewer scopes are scheduled during the home inspection (when possible) and I believe this is the best piece of insurance a buyer can purchase outside of the home inspection prior to closing on the house.  A sewer video link and the typed sewer report are uploaded directly to your online dashboard.

Infrared Camera Inspections

A limited infrared camera inspection is included with every home inspection.  Undetected plumbing leaks, missing insulation, pests, cold/hot air infiltration, and electrical hot spots are just some of the conditions that may never be discovered during a routine home inspection that does not include infrared thermography.

Mold/ Environmental testing

Coming soon!

The Details

Job Description

Simply put, your client’s new home includes a story. My job is to tell that story in the form of a clear, concise inspection report. This allows for an informed, educated decision on their home purchase. I also educate along the way. Shutoff locations, furnace filter changing, proper grading, as well as tips and maintenance advice that I can offer are part of the benefit of hiring me.

I never get involved in the real estate negotiations

I love being a home inspector!  So, things like monetary value, who pays for this or that repair, seller’s concessions and other negotiating questions are always referred to your expertise.

I don’t pretend I’m an expert at everything

Yes, most conditions, systems, and components found during a home inspection are common, and typically are items I see every day.  However, unique components, new technology, and odd conditions do arise occasionally.  I’m a strong believer in continuing education regarding the latest inspection techniques, and newest home systems and components, which helps keep these occasions to a minimum.  But I also utilize a network of home inspection experts and qualified contractors to find out the answers when those rare occasions occur.  My belief is home inspectors should leave their egos checked at the front door. 

I don’t unnecessarily callout “grandfathered conditions”

A simple conversation about GFCI receptacles (outlets), 2-conductor wiring, baluster spacing, etc. can be very effective and can avoid “piling-on” in an inspection report or alarming buyers about conditions which were likely consistent with building practices at the time of original construction.       

Thank you, veterans and first-responders.

A 10% discount is gratefully offered to all our brave veteran and active-duty military, and our courageous first-responders.  (Some limitations apply)

The Feedback

Please feel free to check out our nearly 200 reviews from verified customers and real estate agents here. We also recently added Google reviews which can be seen here.

Seller’s Guide to Home Inspection and Radon.  

A FREE one-page checklist for sellers to ensure their house is prepared for a home inspection.  Many agents I work with have found this to be a very useful tool to assist sellers in preventing any potential delays caused by inaccessible areas or components during the home inspection.  The last section also reviews closed-house conditions which are required by the EPA for a valid, short-term radon test.

H & I Home Inspections is committed to quality with all our inspection services. Schedule Radon Testing and a Sewer Inspection at the same time as your General Property Inspection so you’re confident your prospective investment is protected!

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